Our Mission

We are a part of a movement in our city to make Disciples of Jesus. We are unashamedly about Jesus and believe the deepest levels of discipleship occur when we are In Life Together and encourage one another to obey God by going and Making Disciples of all people within this great city and among the nations. Come, be a part of our disciple-making family each week through our Sunday Gatherings and Community Groups.

Our Beliefs

Theology is crucial and a vital part of our identity as a church. It lets us agree and have community based on shared beliefs, join together on the mission we believe God has sent us on, and distinguish between right teaching and false teaching for the glory of God. Click below to see the essential beliefs of Redeemer Church. We believe they are absolute and that they represent the core beliefs on Christianity. Agreement on these essentials are necessary for membership at Redeemer Church.


Redeemer is an elder-led church. Our elders all serve as pastors, and they work together to lead, teach, protect, and care for the people of Redeemer. The elders do not form a separated "clergy class" of Christians. Instead, the elders, some of whom fill church vocational roles, other non-vocational roles, are brothers with the people, always seeking God's best for the members of the church. 

In addition to the elders, Redeemer's leadership includes a mix of staff and ministry leaders. Each leader supports the work of Redeemer by handling all aspects of our various ministry efforts.

Want to worship with us?

Join us on Sundays at 10:15am at 845 S Fort Ave!