Our vision is to see the identity, church and mission of our city redeemed. For so long our church-saturated culture has grown cold, dark and dying as it is a leading community within the nation for child, drug and domestic abuse. Our city, which is known for its knowledge of the Bible, has become the withering flame amidst a fallen world. Our churches, which number enough to accommodate the population (160k), are failing to make disciples who penetrate darkness with the gospel of Jesus. Rather, we are a people confused with our identity, uninformed at what it means to be the church and have made no advancement to make other disciples within the city.

We, the people of Redeemer believe that first and foremost we are the biggest problem in our city. We would be fools to think we have not contributed to the problems of our city. We really have. We do, however, believe the gospel of Jesus is the only hope and solution to seeing our city redeemed. We desire to see our identities redeemed, not as religious-abusers, but as disciples of Jesus. We desire to understand what it means to be the church by being in life together seven days a week. We also know that we cannot push back the cold grip of sin and death in our city unless we obey the commands of Jesus and become disciples who are making disciples.


We are a part of a movement in our city to make Disciples of Jesus. We are unashamedly about Jesus and believe the deepest levels of discipleship occur when we are In Life Together and encourage one another to obey God by going and Making Disciples of all people within this great city and among the nations. Come, be a part of our disciple-making family each week through our Sunday Gatherings and Life Groups.

Want to worship with us?

Join us on Sundays at 10:15am at 845 S Fort Ave!