Fill out a connect Card

New to Redeemer? Interested in joining a Life Group? Want to find a serve team or even pursue membership? Or maybe you have a question and don't know who to ask.  Fill out a connect card and someone will reach out to get you connected with whoever you're needing to talk to!

Join Church Center

Church Center is Redeemer's central communication hub. Redeemer uses it for making announcements, communicating with the body, and sharing resources (Life Group discussion guides, church updates, event info, etc.). It also facilitates living in life together by making it easier for members to connect with the body throughout the week to share things like prayer requests. It's free to sign-up, and along with the communication aspect you'll also find handy tools like online giving and a calendar of upcoming events.

Find a Community group

Community Groups are the primary context for Gospel-Centered community at Redeemer and how we are in life together. Thankfully following Jesus is not something we do alone, and the main purpose of Community Groups is promoting biblical community that helps us live out the shared mission we have to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God.

Community Groups meet weekly and usually have an element of discussing the prior week's sermon, praying together, eating, laughing, and/or simply doing life together. They range from 8-14 people. And rather than having typified groups divided by age or stage of life, our  Community Groups are diverse groups made up of men and women from all generations of life, rich and poor, and people who have followed Jesus for years and others who are still figuring out what they believe.

Join a Serve Team

In following Jesus, we desire to be servants, not to be served. At Redeemer, Covenant Members (and some regular attenders) serve on Serve Teams, which help handle the logistical load of our Sunday Gatherings. Serve Teams help on Sundays by providing an environment that promotes community, removes unnecessary distractions, and allows greater focus on the worship, preaching, and prayer. From the Greeting Team to Security to Redeemer Kids, each team has a unique role serving a unique purpose. And each team is an avenue to use our giftings and abilities to be a blessing to the rest of the body!

Attend a Membership Class

If you're interested in becoming a member (or if you just want learn a bit more of what Redeemer is about), attend a membership class. Membership classes are held once a quarter. Each class includes a deeper dive into Redeemer's vision, mission, and theology as well as a look at Redeemer's ministry structure and how to get involved.