Greg and Chenille Gaumer with children Ethan, Malachi, Olivia, and Gabriela

Life Story

I spent most of my life in Springfield, raised in a blended family. The railroad brought my father and our newly-blended family to Missouri from Colorado in 1989. Since I lived with my father, I would visit my mother and half-sister in the summer months in Pennsylvania. I bounced between two worlds–two families on a yearly basis. It was emotionally and relationally taxing, to say the least.

Life in Springfield generally consisted of going to school, hanging with friends, and playing football. Church was the thing I did on major holidays and occasionally throughout the year.
When I was a junior in Parkview High School, my life changed forever. Sue (my step-mother) fervently prayed for me to get saved. Her prayers were answered through a lifelong friend of mine named Matt. Matt had recently become a new believer and, as a result of his new faith, was convinced to share with me the gospel.

I’ll never forget–one morning in high school, Matt pulled me aside and said he had been praying for me. This interaction was the first of many that ultimately led me to a night where I prayed to receive Jesus. Shortly after I was saved, I recall my step-mother walking into my bedroom, tears in her eyes, telling me she had been praying I would get saved. I am grateful for Sue’s prayers and Matt’s obedience.

Shortly after I came to faith I met my wonderful wife, Chenille, at Parkview. Chenille went on to Missouri State with a full-ride volleyball scholarship and I went on scholarship to play football at Missouri Valley College. While in college, I started a Bible study called Soldiers for Christ and fell in love with studying the Bible and leading others to faith. So many great things happened through that Bible study, as well as, so many hard things. In it all, the Lord used it to shape me for ministry. At the end of our college careers, Chenille and I got married May 22, 2004.

August 2005 we moved to Fort Worth, Texas where I would pursue a Masters of Divinity degree with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While in Texas, my wife and I had our first two children, Ethan and Gabriela. We were actively a part of an Acts 29 church called, CityView Church, as church planting residents. In 2010 CityView Church sent us out to another Acts 29 church called, LifePoint Church located in Ozark, Missouri. LifePoint would spend two years training us as church planting residents. In 2012 LifePoint sent us out to plant Redeemer Church in Northwest Springfield. Shortly after, our third child, Malachi was born. And three years later, our fourth child, Olivia.

Hope for Redeemer

My hope for Redeemer is that she grows deeply in love with Jesus and takes that love of Jesus to our city and among the nations.